Xbox’s Big Plans For PC Gaming Have Been Revealed

Xbox’s Big Plans For PC Gaming Have Been Revealed

Microsoft has been taking its approach to the Xbox ecosystem with a “player first” mindset; now, they’ve expanded on how that affects their PC side of gaming. This is a continuing effort to bridge the gap between console, mobile, and PC gaming unified under the Xbox brand.

Xbox‘s primary focus is building communities around games, allowing players to play with each other no matter what platform they’re playing on. Cross-play will become a priority; as they have revealed, Halo Infinite will be featuring cross-play & cross-progression between Xbox consoles and PC at launch!

As the Xbox platform has been expanding over the last few years, so have the exclusives. The team is now committed to bringing more games from the Xbox brand over to PC, with additional help from cloud gaming! While not replacing traditional native gaming, the expansion of Game-Pass on PC will give players a vast library to play instantly!

Developers will be able to deliver exceptional experiences on PC with new commitments from Xbox. Firstly they’ve made it so developers will earn more money through sales on PC than before. On top of that, Xbox will provide them with all services they need, including DirectX Ultimate for games to be the best possible.

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The second half of 2021 will feature a heavy focus on the ecosystem, which will further include PC in significant ways. An essential step for the Xbox ecosystem will occur when Halo Infinite launches later this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC with cross-play enabled. You can read more on the Official blog post here.

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