Weekly News Roundup – Week of May 17th

Welcome back to another instalment of the Weekly News Roundup, where we organize this week’s news in one place! This week had a ton of cool game trailers and a truckload of event information released! Let’s get ready for gaming and jump right into it!

A Summer of Events

The ESA International Game Developers Association (IGDA) have announced a partnership for E3 2021! This partnership will give indie developers opportunities to showcase their work at E3 2021 & beyond! Learn all about what the partnership means for indie studios here!

Additionally, E3 2021 is gearing up to be the biggest gaming event globally, and that is no exaggeration. Due to the digital-only event, the ESA is continuing to work with the leading video & social media services for worldwide coverage! Learn where you can watch E3 2021 here!

Geoff Keighley took to Twitter to announce that 2021’s Summer Game Fest is returning on June 10th, 2021! The season-long event will start with a huge showcase event called “Kickoff Live”; which will feature world premiers, a performance by Weezer, the Days of the Devs showcase with iam8bit and more! Learn more about it here!

Coming in fast after a wildly successful inaugural year, Lamborghini eSports announced on May 20th, 2021 that their international The Real Race will take place once again in 2021. Learn more about the upcoming event here!

Upcoming Games

Having initially released on June 11th, 2020, the weapon-based fighter title, Samurai Shodown developed by SNK, Yuki Enterprise, Hamster Corporation and MORE, will soon be making its way to PC. Be sure to check out all the info here to get ready!

Of Bird and Cage is an upcoming one-of-a-kind metal album & story-driven video game hybrid. Just days before its release, ALL iN! GAMES and Capricia Productions graciously announced that the game/album hybrid has already won a qualifying seat for NGDC 2021! Learn more about the game and competition here!

The new JRPG ‘Edge of Eternity, developed by Midgar Studio, has officially gotten a new trailer showcasing its gameplay! In a realm torn apart by conflict, the people of the kingdom of Heryon wage a brutal war against a never before seen invader. Check out the new trailer and more info about the game here!

Developer Torn Banner Studios have unveiled an open beta for Chivalry 2, welcoming players to experience brutal yet honest medieval warfare. The open beta will be cross-play friendly and include new features that weren’t available as part of the closed beta earlier this year. Learn how to join here!

The beloved FPS series TimeSplitters is being revived with the confirmation of development from Deep Silver! The highly-regarded Free Radical Design is returning to the franchise to develop it, alongside key developers returning to the team to work on it! Learn more about the announcement here!

More News, More Pixels

That covers everything seen over this last week in this instalment of the Weekly News Roundup! We hope you were able to gain some information about upcoming events and games! We’ll see you next week for even more news as we quickly approach the busy summer!

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