VTuber Q&A With NIJISANJI EN’s Pomu Rainpuff

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Another thing we like to do is Q&As with folks all across the gaming industry, from CEOs to Voice Actors. In this Q&A, we’ll be talking to a Virtual YouTuber from NIJISANJI.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Virtual YouTubers, they’re essentially YouTubers that take on the form of a digital character. They’ve become very popular over this past year, so much so that they’ve gained an audience worldwide.

In this Q&A, we’ll be talking to one of the members of NIJISANJI EN, an English focused section of NIJISANJI. NIJISANJI is one of the largest VTuber groups there is currently. NIJISANJI does a better job explaining exactly what they do, so please enjoy this explanation taken from their site.

“NIJISANJI project is a VTuber group featuring a variety of talented influencers who create exciting content. The objective of this project is to accelerate the beginning of the next generation of entertainment through various activities and services such as events, goods and digital content, original music, etc. Currently, over a hundred VTubers are active, regularly creating unique content on various video streaming platforms, such as YouTube.”

Now that introductions are out of the way, we can move onto the real reason we’re here. Today we’ll be going through some answers to questions given to NIJISANJI EN’s Pomu Rainpuff. Pomu Rainpuff is a fairly new VTuber who debuted May 2021. Pomu Rainpuff is one of the members of LazuLight, the brand new NIJISANJI EN group which also debuted last month.

Questions and Answers

We wanted to ask each individual member some questions, and find out more about them. This Q&A will focus specifically on Pomu Rainpuff, but if you’d like to read the full Q&A with all three members of LazuLight, you can find it here. A huge thank you to the NIJISANJI team for giving us the opportunity to do so and send some questions across. Please enjoy the answers we got from Pomu Rainpuff below.

Question: What made you want to become a member of NIJISANJI EN and LazuLight?

I wanted to become a member of NIJISANJI EN because I was really inspired by other NIJISANJI members. I first was introduced to NIJISANJI by watching a show called “Virtual-san is looking” and from there I fell more in love with VTubers as a whole. Becoming one was a dream and NIJISANJI’s EN auditions made it possible to happen!

Question: What excites you the most about being a member of LazuLight?

The most exciting thing to me about being a member of LazuLight is being the beginning of something new. I’m really excited to be starting NIJISANJI EN with Elira and Finana and I hope together as a team we can build something really great! I love NIJISANJI so much I want to be able to spread the name all over the world!

Question: What do you bring to NIJISANJI that helps you stand out?

I hope that with my energy I can be a NIJISANJI liver that is always there to brighten someone’s day! I’m told that I can be chaotic and calming in a weird mix that I think can appeal to lots of people. My big PP energy will reach all over the world!!

Question: What is your favourite video game or video game franchise?

One of my favourite game franchises is the Ace Attorney series! The story has me in tears everytime I play the trilogy from laughing and with how great the plot is. The games beyond the original trilogy are amazing as well. It’s truly a series I can play over and over again.

Question: If you had to live in a video game world, which one would you choose?

I think living in the Pokemon universe would be super fun! There’s so much mystery and adventure with each region. Plus who wouldn’t want to have an adorable team of Pokemon friends to do stuff with? And I’d fit right in since I’m also a fairy!

Question: What games do you look forward to playing on stream?

I’d like to play puzzle games and visual novels on stream! But I also want to push myself out of my comfort zone, so I’ve been getting into FPS games like Apex and horror games that scare me a ton! I’ll play just about anything as long as it’s fun!

Question: Do you have any games you’d like to play with your audience?

MARIO KART!!! Or TETRIS 99!! I’m not great at either of them, but it’s so much fun! I’d also like to go to everyone’s islands in Animal Crossing and see how they’ve decorated their islands.

Question: Are there any other vtubers, either inside or outside of NIJISANJI, that you’d like to collaborate with?

Inside of NIJISANJI I want to collab with everyone! NIJISANJI has such a wonderful and unique range of members. I admire them all so much and it’s one of my goals to be able to collab with everyone!

If I had to pick a few members in particular, I’d love to have the opportunity to collab with Tsukino Mito, Hoshikawa Sara, Higuchi Kaede, and Suzuhara Lulu. Outside of NIJISANJI I’d love to collab with my oshi VTuber, Pikamee from VOMS! She’s so cute and fun and watching her streams always fills me with energy. I’d also love to collab with VShojo and HoloLive EN. I think building a strong community is important!

Question: What are your current goals with streaming?

My goals for streaming are to improve on the skills that I lack. I can actually be pretty shy and so I think streaming has helped with my social skills. I also lack confidence sometimes, so when I’m able to overcome something in a game, it feels really good! I hope I can entertain and inspire people with my streams!

Question: Do you have any advice for those that might want to get into streaming?

My advice for anyone is to stick with it and try new things. There will be fad games and streams that come around, but do what you love to do rather than force yourself to stay with the trends. If you are only doing things because everyone is doing it and not because you enjoy it, then it may become a chore. Do what makes you happy!

A huge thank you to Pomu and to the NIJISANJI team for taking the time to talk with us and answer those questions. If you’d like to read more about LazuLight and their debut, you can check out our news piece here. We also posted the Q&As with Finana Ryugu and Elira Pendora, so be sure to check them out here.

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