To The Rescue! Coming To Nintendo Switch And Steam In 2021

To The Rescue! Coming To Nintendo Switch And Steam In 2021

Attention all dog lovers. To The Rescue! is releasing on Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year. Developed and published by Little Rock Games and Freedom Games, respectively, the game is set to scratch that flee-like itch behind your ears.


So, what is it all about?

This dog shelter management simulator To The Rescue! allows you to build a shelter and help stray little dogs find new homes. So, your main objective is to construct the ideal environment for the dogs and to maximise their chances for adoption.

Looking after so many dogs at once is a challenge, yet very rewarding. As every dog owner will tell you, dogs have their own distinct personalities. Therefore, it stands to reason, we can expect to explore this in the game. It is essential to get to know and understand each dog under your care. Finding out their unique traits is also a must.

Additionally, let’s not forget that people have preferences too. It is a good idea to learn what kind of dog they are looking for, so that the pairing between canine and human is the perfect match.

You will have your hands quite full in To The Rescue!, from feeding dogs and treating illnesses, to handling logistics and managing finances. You will need to make some tough calls to save on funds where hiring staff and dealing with investors is essential work. Although, it’ll all be worth it when you successfully find a dog their forever home.


Developer pledges proceeds to pet shelters.

Little Rock Games’ co-founder, Olivia Dunlap, said: “The challenges dog shelters and their volunteers face every day truly inspire us.” She continued, “it’s a setting we felt was ripe for exploration in games and we look forward to bringing this world to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year.”

In a remarkable move, Little Rock Games have pledged twenty percent of profits will be going to pet shelters.

To The Rescue! will be available at $19.99 in Autumn of 2021. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC and MAC via Steam. For a wider array of gaming news, visit Informed Pixel and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.