Team 17’s Punishing Action RPG ‘Thymesia’ To Release This Year

Team 17’s Punishing Action RPG ‘Thymesia’ To Release This Year

Team17 have released a new trailer for Thymesia, a punishing action role-playing game coming to PC in 2021. The game is being developed by Taiwanese developer OverBorder Studio, and is their debut title.

The new trailer for Thymesia shows off the unique fast-paced melee combat as you play as Corvus, a mysterious character capable of seizing enemy diseases and using them as weapons.

Set in a haunting world ravaged by plague, the gameplay sees Corvus using devastating abilities to defeat enemies corrupted by the plague and mutated into monsters.

Thymesia looks like it will be popular with fans of Soulslikes, and timely with its post-apocalyptic plague narrative. The harrowingly beautiful world contains many mysteries for the player to unravel, as they make their journey to recover Corvus’s memories.

While its combat system relies on perfectly-timed parries and dynamic dodges to defeat unforgiving enemies, the trailer hints that there will be some mastery involved. With weaponised diseases and powerful attacks in the player’s arsenal, the game promises equal rewards for its challenges.

As for the role-playing elements, players are able to customise Corvus to suit their own playstyle, upgrading and improving stats to try out different builds. With the possibility of multiple endings, Thymesia is sure to offer plenty of replayability for players wishing to master the demanding gothic world.

Team17 is the publisher of Thymesia, but also a developer and the games label behind games such as WormsThe EscapistsOvercooked and more. OverBorder Studio is a relatively new developer that was started in 2019, with Thymesia being their debut title.

Moon Lee, Game Director at OverBorder Studio, said:

‘The amount of enthusiasm from the community has been incredible and we’re happy to be working with Team17 on Thymesia. Their support has been instrumental in the game’s development, and we can’t wait to share the challenging world we’ve created with players later this year.’

Thymesia is releasing on PC later this year, in 2021. For more on upcoming games, be sure to check in regularly with Informed Pixel. What do you think of Thymesia? Are you fan of the Soulslike genre? Let us know over at our Informed Pixel Facebook and Twitter pages.