Star Citizen Multiplayer Mode ‘Theatres Of War’ Gets More Details

Star Citizen Multiplayer Mode ‘Theatres Of War’ Gets More Details

Well known developers Cloud Imperium Games and Firesprite have announced that they would be collaborating on their new upcoming Star Citizen multiplayer mode, ‘Theatres of War.’

With this announcement, we also see the approach of a brand-new closed test for the new mode, which will be tested by handpicked members of the Evocati community.

The mode itself is a large-scale PvP mode which was first shown off to players at CitizenCon 2019. The mode will see players engage in team-based skirmishes on the ground, in the sky and in upper atmosphere.

The partnership between Cloud Imperium Games and FireSprite began back in early 2019. Since then, the two have come together even more to build and design a universe and experience that incorporates the technology, tools and game assets of Star Citizen.

Since it’s announcement back in 2019 the game has provided a select group of players with various closed tests, to help improve the overall experience. Most of the players at CitizenCon 2019 viewed the title in a positive light.

Further closed tests are on track to go live from March 20th, 2021, with many more play tests scheduled for the future. Along with future tests, we will eventually see the game enter the public test universe.

The game itself hopes to implement more ground-breaking visuals, whilst continuing to provide the classic space sim gameplay they’ve been advertising since 2019. The title will also offer an element of roleplay, allowing the player to shift between cargo hauler to outlaw to explorer and so on.

Both developers hope that this depth, along with procedural planet technology and a detailed level of hand-crafted design, will be able to win players over. This goal is both for the short term and long term, to create a truly enjoyable experience.

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