Star Citizen Gets Huge New Update

Star Citizen Gets Huge New Update

The new Star Citizen Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update is now live, introducing ship-to-ship docking, new expansive cave missions, and a reputation manager. Cloud Imperium Games released a trailer to accompany the update.

The trailer gives a sense of scale for the new cave missions, which promise to be larger and more complex cave environments than those encountered before. These caves will be introduced to planet environments and provide further exploration. New entrances and sinkholes allow the player to fly into the maws of caves and explore underground.

On top of that, Bounty Hunter, Assassin, and Combat missions can now take place in these dangerous environments.

The Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update also introduces ship-to-ship docking, allowing the Merlin fighter to dock and undock from the Constellation Aquila, Phoenix, and Andromeda, with more ships receiving support in later patches.

New Content

The other new system introduced in Underground Infamy is the reputation manager. Players can now track their reputation with mission givers, organisations, and factions. By completing missions, players will gain a reputation with different sections, improving their standing for a variety of rewards.

Also included are two new vehicles, the Greycat ROC-DS mining vehicle and the Cyclone MT assault vehicle. Updates accompany these to cargo missions, which now challenge players to fly to their destination without using their Quantum drive, and timed multi-drop missions that require more strategic flight navigation.

Cloud Imperium Games endeavours to develop Star Citizen to be the most ambitious game project to date. The game combines classic space sim gameplay with boundary-pushing visuals in a massively multiplayer setting.

Announced in 2012 with a Kickstarter, Star Citizen is an ongoing project with many more features still implemented. Cloud Imperium co-founder and Star Citizen Creative Director, Chris Roberts, said:

‘Long-time players will be excited to see the first implementation of highly anticipated features such as ship-to-ship docking. In addition, with new cave missions and new vehicles, additional visual enhancements to more Stanton locations, and the first iteration of Reputation Management, we are seeing more of our vision for a living and immersive universe where your actions matter coming to life.’

The Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update is live now on Star Citizen for PC. For more updates on your favourite games, dock with Informed Pixel. Will you be playing the Underground Infamy update? Let us know over at the Informed Pixel Facebook and Twitter pages.