Space Sim Base One Will Release On Multiple Platforms

Space Sim Base One Will Release On Multiple Platforms

Sim games are a strange breed. On the one hand, there is Farming Simulator, or Flight Simulator. On the other, there are games like Graveyard Keeper or the well-known Goat Simulator. There is a breadth of options when creating a sim game, and indie studio PixFroze is taking their creation to space.

The game is Base One, a sim that features survival and RPG elements described as “hardcore.” Players will have the goal of creating homes across the stars. In order for it to happen, though, the player will need to construct stations and bases while managing/farming resources and vital statistics like oxygen or heat.

The main campaign will follow a socio-political drama, only with planets instead of countries. Like usual, powerful corporations and shadowy benefactors have much to gain from this exploration. How the player uses each station or base will determine the outcome of their eventual success.

Some of the key features include story-driven missions where the player must save their planet from a threat. But time management will also be important to succeed, because there will need to be planning for resource extraction etc.

As for a release date, there is nothing specific yet. The announcement only mentions a Q2 2021 release for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. You won’t have to look far if the game interests you.

So if you have a dream to be the next Elon Musk, or just see what it could be like for his company once they’re out there, this could be the game for you. Combine this with the Kerbal Space Program and you should have NASA knocking at your door!

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