SMASH LEGENDS Is Adding New Content

Do you like fairy tales? I don’t mean the Disneyfied ones, but the original, darker tales. Now picture a game where those characters, albeit reinterpreted, are battling it out for supremacy, and you have SMASH LEGENDS.

For those who are already in the whimsical world that developers 5minlab created, SMASH LEGENDS is adding new content. The Multiplayer Action PvP will be bolstered by a few interesting things. First is a new character (or Legend). Flare, a marksman, can fire at enemies from a distance.

On top of Flare, there will be two new modes. A Custom Match is what it sounds like. Players will be able to customize everything, from “number of players, [to] type of mode, [to the] map”.

The other mode is Giant, a new twist on team deathmatch. It’s similar to the normal matches of 3vs3 PvP, where the first to 10 wins, but each character’s size is determined by their amount of health. As the player’s size changes, so does their range of attack. More interestingly, the character’s damage exposure area will as well, which should make for some interesting battles.

Then there’s the “Legend Mission Event”, which starts June 9th, 2021 and will run through to July 6th, 2021. It has event-special items by “clearing the daily missions set for each character.” Players can then trade them for rewards (Key Doublers, Special Box, etc.)

SMASH LEGENDS is available on PC (Steam) and mobile devices, and has cross-play enabled. It has a total of 13 language options, including both simplified and traditional Chinese.

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