Sea of Thieves Was Fun, But Needs More To Keep Gamers Interested

Rare has been working on their new project, Sea of Thieves over the last couple of years. While we were attending E3, we had an opportunity to try it out.

During my time with Sea of Thieves, I worked with a team of four other players as we hoisted the anchor, lowered the sails and set to sea. Teamwork is crucial in Sea of Thieves as you will need to help navigate the person steering the boat, and work with team mates to assist with repairing the ship and firing cannons on both sides at other ships. I can say without a doubt that if you don’t have a organized team, you will fall flat on your face.

Overall, the feel of the game felt great; playing in this unknown world with others as we try to take down each others ships. Pressure really gets put on the team after a battle, where there may be holes in your ship due to the fire from your opponents cannons. It is important to have team members covering all points on the ship, to avoid becoming the team that is reputable for sleeping with the fishes.

The current problem with Sea of Thieves is that the gameplay was quite repetitive and would need more content in order to keep players playing it. You can experience almost everything in just one sitting, which is something I hope Rare addresses with future updates. Out of the things they can update, let players set sail with different ships, maybe even a selection of different weaponry.

Sea of Thieves is scheduled to launch exclusively for the Xbox One on October 28th, 2016.