Razer Turret Now Available, More Keyboard & Mouse Supported Games Announced For Xbox One

Razer Turret Now Available, More Keyboard & Mouse Supported Games Announced For Xbox One

Update: We originally reported that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would contain the Keyboard & Mouse feature, but this was a error by Razer. We have corrected the original post to reflect this.

Original: Razer’s Wireless Mouse & Keyboard solution is now available for purchase, with a handful of games supported right out of the box.

In what is advertised as “The world’s first keyboard and mouse combo designed for Xbox One,” the Razer Turret runs on Microsoft’s proprietary Xbox One wireless technology. The Mouse & Keyboard will also work on Windows-based PC’s, making for a relaxing solution for couch players across the world, regardless of the platform they choose.

As part of the announcement, more titles have been added to the Keyboard & Mouse compatibility list. Games supported now include best-sellers such asĀ DayZ, Minecraft, Strange Brigade, Vigor, Sims, in addition to the games included in the initial announcement. The company also confirmed that Epic Games’ Gears 5 and Gears Tactics will take advantage of the Mouse & Keyboard input, as well as full support for Xbox Dynamic Lighting, currently only available through the Razer Turret.

All of these games mentioned above are compatible with a wide range of keyboard and mice, even if they aren’t part of the Razer family. Some games may limit players to particular lobbies, as to not shift the balance in multiplayer between controller and keyboard players.

In the press release, the Razer Turret is said to retail for $249.99 USD, however, the official product placement for Canada prices the Keyboard & Mouse combo for $239.99 CDN. We have confirmed with a representative from Razer that the Canadian pricing shown is incorrect and will be fixed momentarily. We will update our readers once this is fixed.

The Razer Turret is now available, through the Razer Store, Microsoft Store and select retailers.