PlayStation 3 & Vita Stores Will Remain Open

PlayStation 3 & Vita Stores Will Remain Open

Recently Sony announced that it would be closing its online PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita stores by the end of the summer. Thankfully, it seems that the game company has flipped a complete 180 on this decision; as they’ve officially announced that the PlayStation 3 & Vita stores will no longer be closing.

Following a massive amount of negative feedback from the PlayStation community; the President & CEO of Sony, Jim Ryan, has released an official statement that they are no longer closing the stores! This will allow players to purchase PlayStation 3 & Vita games for the foreseeable future.

The store was planned to close due to commerce support challenges; allowing for a refocus of resources on current generation stores. Now that they realize how important classic games are to the community; and have found a solution to keep this piece of history alive for gamers to enjoy.

“Thank you for sharing your feedback with us – we’re always listening and appreciate the support from our PlayStation community.” – Jim Ryan, President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Preserved Pixels

It’s amazing what passion and good, constructive criticism can accomplish in the world of gaming. With the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita stores preserved for the foreseeable future, what do you plan on buying & playing on the consoles? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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