One More Multiverse Platform Information Released

One More Multiverse Platform Information Released

The developers known as Multiverse have released a new trailer with info regarding their next project! One More Multiverse is an ambitious game project that will allow players to create, play, stream & share, tabletop role-playing games, with a creator-focused marketplace.

The concept of One More Multiverse is simple: it’s a platform that allows people to create characters, levels, and even full role-play story campaigns. With the help of its creator-focused marketplace, it will be easier than ever to stream, share and even play a new RPG story with people in-house or online!

The level creator will feature dynamic lighting, atmospheric effects, and amazing animation to help sell an immersive story! With a library that features thousands of units and assets; levels can be created to change as swiftly as the story does. This will allow storytelling to be natural, especially when streaming a live game!

Characters you create will be fully customizable, with new cosmetics being added often to keep them looking unique. A custom uploader will also be coming soon to the platform; which will allow for full character creation to all skill levels. Additionally, the entire personality and abilities can be written out for each character using a special creation tool!

One Multiverse Pixel

One More Multiverse is currently in a closed beta, those interested can attempt to join via the official Discord! Be sure to follow the development of this exciting tabletop RPG by checking out the official website and following the game’s official Twitter account!

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