New Magic: The Gathering Expansion Adventures In The Forgotten Realms

In the latest announcement, Wizards of the Coast have detailed plans for the new Magic: The Gathering expansion, Adventures in The Forgotten Realms. This expansion marks a crossover with Dungeons and Dragons unlike ever before.

This isn’t the first time the two Wizards of the Coast games have crossed over, however, this is the first time Dungeons and Dragons content will feature in Magic: The Gathering. The TCG is one of the most popular in its genre, and this crossover will likely appeal to many fans of any Wizards of the Coast content.

Furthermore, Adventures in The Forgotten Realms is staying true to the famous fantasy setting. Of the limited cards revealed, there is notable references to the evil dragon queen ‘Tiamat’ (pictured above).

The Queen of evil dragons and goddess of greed, she is a figurehead of the expansion. Upon entering the field, the legendary flying dragon pulls 5 other dragons from your deck to your hand.

In addition, some other notable cards include the classic spell ‘Power Word: Kill’ and the ever powerful ‘Vorpal Sword’. The ‘Vorpal Sword’ is famously sharp, and the card offers the chance of instantly killing an opponent. This is a clear nod to the weapon beheading an enemy on a critical hit in Dungeons and Dragons.

Originally issued as a setting in the first D&D, The Forgotten Realms is now the default setting for many campaigns. It dates back as far as 1967. That was when it was used as a setting for short stories by author and creator Ed Greenwood.

In an attempt to encourage players to return to stores and buy physical cards, Wizards of the Coast are bringing back the Love your Local Game Store promotion. Initially rolling out in United States, the scheme will eventually be moved to all regions.

Moreover, this scheme involves a variety of incentives for players, including limited card art and free cards for those who spend above certain amounts. This looks to be great news for hardcore Magic: The Gathering fans. This also seems great aid for Games Stores hit hard by the Covid pandemic.

Finally, previews for Adventures in The Forgotten Realms are set to begin on June 23rd, 2021. The worldwide release is set for July 23rd, 2021, and there are also plenty of events planned in the build up that were detailed on the Weekly MTG video above.

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