New Competitive Multiplayer Game ‘Skydome’ Announced

New Competitive Multiplayer Game ‘Skydome’ Announced

Developer Kinship Entertainment alongside publisher Gamigo have announced the 4 vs 4 tower defence battle arena title, Skydome is coming soon!


In Skydome, players can expect to find a world filled with incredible stories, diverse characters, and mesmerizing action. Your task is to assemble a team of skilled heroes to defend your base and crush enemy walls, while also completing side objectives.

Skydome is a uniquely cooperative and competitive title, so the outcome of a match depends on your team working together.

In the first playable map of the game, Dawn Temple, heroes must work together to fight countless enemy waves. Skirmishers, Guardians, Hunters, and more Champions will face an epic fight between the Sun and Moon to decide who comes out on top.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Every champion comes from the ‘Skydome’, A temple floating in the sky created by ancient people. From there, Champions are sent out to fight armies and monsters across the universe.

No two champions are the same, so each champion comes with its own unique strategies and skills to create defences, as well as attack enemy foes.  Depending on each playstyle, players can craft elaborate strategies in teams of four, or decide to go the lone wolf route by utilizing special intervention skills to sabotage opponents.

Death Mazes, magic portals, and time manipulations are only a few abilities that can be a part of the player’s strategy to become the ultimate champion. With thrilling fast-paced action, side-objectives, and challenges at every turn, Skydome will have you on the edge of your seat.

Additional exciting features include MOBA-style jungle areas with unique boss monsters, as well as a season ranking system on release.

Release Date

Skydome will be releasing on PC, however, the release date is currently described as ‘Coming Soon’. The title will launch in Europe and North America, courtesy of Gamigo. The Skydome closed beta will be releasing later this spring. You can sign up HERE.

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