Mario Party: Star Rush Announced for Nintendo 3DS

Mario Party: Star Rush was announced for the Nintendo 3DS during Nintendo’s Treehouse stream at this year’s E3 Expo.

The newest iteration in the series introduces the new “Toad Scramble” mode, where players can move along a tile based board rather than a set path. Additionally, players roll their own dice and move at the same time, making the pace of turns very quick. This is a major departure from the car movement style, where all of the players move together along the board, as the car doesn’t make an appearance in any footage of the game shown. Don’t count it out entirely yet though.

Here is the trailer for Star Rush:

Mario Party: Star Rush is slated for release along with the newly announced amiibo for the game: Boo, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Rosalina, and Daisy on November 4.