Lost Epic Launches On Steam Early Access

The 2D side-scrolling action RPG, Lost Epic, has released on Steam Early Access for Windows, PC. The surprise launch was announced as part of the INDIE Live Expo 2021, and dropped with a trailer that showcased the current build of the game.

From Team EARTH WARS (developers of Earth’s Dawn), Lost Epic takes place in a world known as Sanctum, where the player is thrust into a war between gods and humanity. You play as the God Slayer, and your job is to bring the Pantheon of Six to their knees. Much in the same vein of their previous title, Lost Epic is a stylish and fast-paced hack & slash RPG with online multiplayer.

The trailer exhibits the ability to summon online players to help you in your narrative using the Shroud of Mist item. With two players able to join and assist you in battle, dying on your own is not your only option. Online players can spawn to a chosen area and assist the main character in return for Anima that strengthens equipment, and Tamahagane which can enhance your skills.

With a vast amount of character progression options, and upgradeable weapons, it sounds like helping your friends and other players will be key to your success. Explore locations such as the Sacred Mountain of Fertilis and Lake Pelgrand as you collect more than 30 weapons and more than 100 skills. With character artwork by Namie (Fate/Grand Order, Arknights, Azur Lane), this looks to be a must-buy for fans of beautiful JRPGs.

The game currently contains one third of the content planned for the game’s full launch later this year, featuring 7-10 hours of gameplay and additional challenges. Lost Epic continues to be under active development, with further content updates planned ahead of the 2021 release. The developers have welcomed players to submit feedback on the current build of the game through Steam or the official Discord server.

Lost Epic is available now for via Steam Early Access on Windows for PC. The game retails at $19.99, but you can currently purchase it with a 15% launch discount on Steam.

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