Hololive Gears Up For Its Next Large Scale Minecraft Project

Minecraft, the game that needs no introduction. Initially released in 2009, this game quickly became a staple in the gaming community, eventually taking the spot of best-selling game ever. Its addictive gameplay and vast sandbox world allows players to create whatever they set their mind to.

Hololive, one of the most well-known VTuber agencies, initially started its activities in 2017 doing singing, gaming and various other livestreams and began garnering the interest of many overseas viewers in 2020. Recently, several members of this group met up to discuss their plans for the next large-scale event in Minecraft. This time they are looking to throw a Summer festival, an event common in Japan.

With the last major event (Hololive Sports Festival) held in November 2020 being a resounding success, whilst only being led by only two people (Sakura Miko and Ookami Mio), we look forward to seeing what a whole team of people are able to achieve. 

UsaKen, short for Usada Kensetsu (Usada Construction) is a construction-oriented faction within the Hololive Server, led by Hololive 3rd Generation member Usada Pekora.

With plans only in the early stages, there are already a handful of entertaining events lined up. These range from things that would typically be seen in a traditional Japanese festival such as shooting ranges and a fireworks competition, as well as more game specific events such as ‘a race atop ice’.

This project, although led by UsaKen, is not limited to only members of this group, as they have voiced their desire for other Hololive members to freely contribute with builds of their own, should they wish.

Whilst they are often confused for comedians, Hololive is still technically an idol group. What would idols be without a stage? Plans are currently in progress to create a stage in-game. The construction will take place in the form of ‘relay livestreams’. 

For those unfamiliar with relay livestreams, it’s where each member streams individually for a short time, such as 30 minutes, allowing a team to work on a project throughout a longer period of time. This would also allow each member to show off their personalities, and in the case of Minecraft, add their own personal touches to the builds.

With the main attractions of the festival set to take place on the 27th of June 2021, there is only a few weeks left, so we can expect an influx of Minecraft streams over the following few weeks. Be sure to stay in the loop by following Pekora for updates on the project.

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