Hearthstone Announce Huge Changes Including New Core Set

Hearthstone Announce Huge Changes Including New Core Set

Blizzard have unveiled a range of new updates coming with the next planned expansion in 2021. The changes come alongside the new expansion and rotating of the old card sets.

In addition, Hearthstone developers have revealed that the Basic and Classic sets will be rotating to wild. These cards will be replaced with an entirely free Core set. This Core set is described as, ‘a curated selection of 235 cards intended to provide a modern collection of starting cards to players of all types’.

These changes represent huge ramifications to the hearthstone meta with the next expansion. This impacts Demon Hunter the most, given only 4 cards form the Demon Hunter Initiate set will remain. This means the class will almost be rewritten from scratch. The new Core set will also include 29 new cards.

In addition to the new Core set, there is a new Classic game mode. This will see a return of Hearthstone as it was originally played in 2014. You can play the original decks that were popular in 2014, including combo druid and mid-range paladin.

In the Classic game mode, cards will be exactly like they were in patch of June 2014. In conclusion, these means cards like the original Warsong Commander and Leeroy Jenkins will cost 4 mana. For more information, check the dedicated article on the Hearthstone website.

These changes have no confirmed date as of yet. However, it has been confirmed that they will come into place with the next Hearthstone expansion of 2021. The new Core set will be free. Also, the Classic game mode will require you to have copies of the cards to build decks, but they will remain available in classic packs.

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