Hands On With Final Fantasy XV VR; It Misses The Mark

We had the chance to try out Final Fantasy XV VR at E3 this year, and my overall experience with the game was below par at best.

The tech demo felt like a lousy attempt at bringing the world of Final Fantasy to Virtual Reality, with the on-rails-like experience lacks the depth and detail required to be a solid game in the Final Fantasy franchise. While some will argue that it was intended to test the Playstation VR experience, I feel it failed even at that, despite having the Playstation Move controllers and the Playstation VR headset on. It does not act as an immersive experience for the player, but rather, consists of teleporting to different spots and then mindlessly blasting one creature until it eventually perishes. After that, I was done and the E3 demo was over.

My main problem with this title was that you are consistently firing bullets into a creature, with small waypoints scattered about for the player to teleport to. It felt too much like a point and click shooter than anything innovative, making Final Fantasy XV one of the most disappointing VR games I have ever played.

For those looking to experience Final Fantasy XV in its full glory, I would highly recommend you pick up the full retail game when it comes out on September 30th and skip the VR experience. Seeing the trend of game prices, this VR demo will likely cost $39.99 USD, which would be a complete waste of your hard-earned funds.

Final Fantasy XV is expected to arrive on Sepetmber 30th, 2016 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC