Halo Infinite #Ask343 – Jeff Steitzer Returns And More!

Halo Infinite #Ask343 – Jeff Steitzer Returns And More!

Halo Infinite is right around the corner, so 343 Industries have been feeding us substantial information every month by giving us monthly High Level updates, and answering our questions regarding the update via an Ask343 Q&A videos on YouTube.

Last month’s High Level update gave us news about the acoustic audio system used in the upcoming title. This Ask343 Q&A answers questions that fans have regarding the acoustic audio systems.


Lets kick things off with the answers regarding campaign audio. The audio team confirmed that the audio from the July reveal have been refined, and improved altogether. The classic Plasma Pistol overcharge sound is returning. The soundtrack will be “adaptive” meaning that the soundtrack will change based on the state of gameplay. (Peacefully strolling, in combat, etc.)

Speaking of soundtrack, it has been confirmed that the soundtrack from the 2018 reveal trailer won’t be making the cut. However, the 2019 trailer is the first cinematic of the game, so the music there will stay intact. The audio team also confirmed that there will be different tracks with certain moods (epic, peaceful, somber, etc) to portray important character moments.

Multiplayer, and More

Another thing that the audio team confirmed is the return of Jeff Steitzer as the multiplayer announcer. Unfortunately, the customizable announcers from Halo 5 won’t be making a return. However, they promise us new ways to customize the sound of Halo multiplayer. The sound design of the multiplayer will be designed to make players more situationally aware.

They also confirm that the multiplayer will have a very minimal soundtrack that will only play at the start, and end of the match. Content creators will be free to use the Halo Infinite soundtrack on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms.


Well, this concludes all major news of this #Ask343. Halo Infinite will release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC Fall 2021. My name is Ivan Velasco, Also known as Stormio. you can follow me on twitter @StormioUA, or follow my Twitch for epic livestreams!

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