GENSOU Skydrift Races Onto PlayStation Consoles

GENSOU Skydrift Races Onto PlayStation Consoles

Developers studio IlliCalab and former Mario Kart developers, and publisher Pheonixx have announced the racing game, GENSOU Skydrift, will launch via backward compatibility on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

New Additions

The setting is somewhat different from Mario Kart – Rather than trying to reach the checkered flag with characters from the Mario Kingdom, GENSOU Skydrift allows you to select a duo of magical girl racers from the expansive Touhour Project, each with unique stats and abilities.

Coming with the backward compatibility announcement are some welcome new additions to the roster. New characters such as Alice Martgatriod, and Rin Kaebyou, as well as new unique abilities.

Alice Martgatriod’s new ability allows her to equip eight exploding Shanghai dolls, while Rin Kaebyou’s new ability allows her to use Cats’ walk to fly up while accelerating, complete with invisibility.

On top of the 20 tracks available in GENSOU Skydrift, you can also expect to find two new additions such as the ‘Heaven Course’ and ‘Midnight-clad cityscape’.


GENSOU Skydrift is not short of giving you options on how to play the game. Swap freely between your two chosen racers mid-game, as one acts as the driver, the other acts as a flying human chariot.

Choose the right racer to effectively utilize their speed, power, and technical stats to successfully gain a competitive advantage over other racers. There are also several modes to play from the narrative-focused Story Mode to the speed-based Time Attack, and online racing available in versus mode.

When is it available on backward compatibility?

GENSOU Skydrift is available RIGHT NOW on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility for $23.99. GENSOU Skydrift supports English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). The game is also available on Steam for Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

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