Fractured Kickstarter Campaign Now Live

Dynamight Studios, the team behind Fractured, has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign!

Earlier this morning the campaign went live and was quickly embraced by more than 100 backers, putting forth more than $30,000 CAD in the first few hours.  With an approximate goal for funding aimed at $155,000 CAD the campaign is well on its way towards being funded successfully.

Perhaps the most interesting feature found within the Kickstarter campaign is their video presentation.  Throughout the 13 minute feature, CEO Jacopo Gallelli and Lead Designer Andrea Tunesi walk you through what to expect in the world of Fractured.  Much of the utilized footage creating this video was previously unseen.  Perhaps some of the more notable abilities show terrain displacement (stone wall), and the ability to bypass said creations via mobility abilities (leap).

While the game itself is still very much in an infant state, the progress we have seen thus far appears promising and the team seems determined to push this project through to completion.  Worth mentioning is the fact that the Kickstarter campaign is seemingly not a requirement to deliver the project to completion as per the following quote:

With the countdown to success now in place we look forward to seeing whether or not Fractured will be added to the list of successfully crowdfunded MMO’s, or become just another statistic in the failed attempts column.  In the realm of isometric view, open world, sandbox, hardcore pvp MMO style games there are not that many viable options remaining.  We believe we speak for many when we say “Good luck!” Dynamight Studios, there are many people hoping for the success of Fractured and are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this Kickstarter campaign and the development to come in the future.

While we begin to play the waiting game with Fractured, if it’s not your style head on over to our E3 2018 coverage to look for something you might enjoy!  This year promises to be filled with quality titles coming out from many different studios, some drool worthy, some not.