Fortnite Among The 15 Xbox Games To Support Mouse & Keyboard Inputs

Announced during Microsoft’s X018 event today, fourteen Xbox One titles will support Mouse & Keyboard input in the coming days.

Starting on Wednesday, November 14th, up to 15 Xbox games will support Mouse & Keyboard support. The games Bomber Crew, Warface, Children of Morta, Minion Master, DayZ, Strange Brigade, Deep Rock Galactic, Warhammer: Vermintide II, Moonlighter, Wargroove, Warframe,¬†Vigor, War Thunder, X-Morph: Defense and finally, Epic Games’ Fortnite. At this time, only Fortnite has been confirmed to support the Mouse & Keyboard input on November 14th.

As previously announced, Microsoft is partnering with hardware manufacturer Razer, to produce Xbox themed hardware, which includes¬†a wireless mechanical keyboard. A major feature included is Dynamic Color support, granting developers access to the hardware’s RGB features. An example of this was explained with Warhammer: Vermintide II, where your health bar would be represented on the keyboard via red LEDs. We will hear more information regarding the partnership during CES 2019, in January.

While Mouse & Keyboard support is available on Xbox One, it will be up to the game’s developers whether or not to include it in their games. Right now, only fourteen games will support the input, but we should hear more news about future titles in the coming weeks.