Dice Teases New Battlefield Games

Dice Teases New Battlefield Games

EA and Dice have finally come out with some vital information regarding the future of the Battlefield franchise. A brand new Battlefield game is releasing this year, but it’s not the only Battlefield project in the works!

The upcoming Battlefield game is releasing this year, and quite a few developers are working on the project! Dice, Dice LA, Criterion has been working on the shared vision while the Electronic Arts Gothenberg team works to bring the technology in the game to the next level!

This new Battlefield game is currently in the playtesting stages as the teams get ready for the official reveal. The game will feature the return of all-out warfare, with the highest player count to date, resulting in massive battles, game-changing destruction, and more!

Additionally, Dice has revealed that they’re working closely with Industrial Toys on a mobile Battlefield game! It’s said to be a complete standalone project that will feature a fully-fledged, skill-based experience. It’s currently entering the testing period and will be releasing sometime in 2022!

All Out Pixel-Warfare

The next-generation Battlefield will be released in Holiday 2021! A full reveal is expected within the next month, so be sure to stay tuned to Battlefield‘s official TwitterInstagramFacebookYouTubeDiscord, and the AnswersHQ Battlefield Forums to stay up to date!

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