Demon Turf Coming To Consoles And PC This Summer

Demon Turf Coming To Consoles And PC This Summer

Demon Turf has been revealed as coming to both PC and Console at the recent ID@Xbox showcase. The first project as publishers for Playtonic FriendsDemon Turf is a 3D platformer that comes with plenty of surprises.

The eye catching mix of 2D and 3D style makes for pleasant viewing, communicating a light-hearted style famous for the genre. Playing as a 1000 year-old demon known as Beebz, players must search and claim the turfs throughout the Demon world.

In addition, Demon Turf offers plenty of replayability and ensures you sink plenty of hours into the defeating Demons. The unique combat involves the player having to think of creative ways to stop the hordes of enemies. When your blows aren’t lethal, use the hellish environment to your advantage.

Furthermore, player chosen checkpoints and areas that change upon completion help keep each level fresh. Even after the main levels are done, there is a mind blowing-amount of extra content. This includes arena challenges, soccer golf and homages to famous platformers of the past.

Further excitement for the game can be found in the unique ‘demo’ available currently on PC via Steam. This demo, titled Demon Turf: Trials, is a weekly changing demo with a leaderboard. This allows you to get a feel for the game week to week and show off your skill against others.

Demon Turf will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store this Summer. In the meantime, there Demon Turf: Trials continue to be available every Thursday.

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