Capcom Arcade Stadium Has New Platforms and More Announced

Capcom Arcade Stadium Has New Platforms and More Announced

Capcom have revealed that Capcom Arcade Stadium will be expanding to new platforms. In addition, the game will see a variety of improvements including aesthetic options and an invincibility cheat.

After releasing for Nintendo Switch in February of this year, Capcom is continuing to add to the collection of arcade classics for nostalgia fans. The announcement details releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam via PC.

Furthermore, there are new features being introduced alongside the expanded release. Display Frames Set 1 will allow 32 different customization options for players and will be available for individual purchase, as well as being available for those who pre-order Capcom Arcade Stadium on Xbox One and PC.

Alongside aesthetic features, the invincibility option will allow players to explore retro games without worrying about punishments. The invincibility mode will be available separately from Capcom Arcade Stadium.

The most exciting piece of news is that the Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection add-on will be made available. The retro platformer is reimagined as the player follows the quest of Arthur to save the princess. It is available to be played in local co-op mode. As part of co-op, there are three different support characters available to aid Arthur.

Capcom Arcade Stadium will be available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on May 25th, 2021. Until then, the game is available for pre-order on Steam and Xbox One. Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is currently available with 50% off for Nintendo Switch. For other platforms, it will be arriving on June 1st, 2021.

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