Bless Unleashed Receives A Brand New Update

Bless Unleashed Receives A Brand New Update

The massively popular MMOPRG Bless Unleashed developed by Round 8 Studio, R8S Entertainment and Neowiz Games received its brand-new Spring update on March 11th, 2021. With the new update comes a plethora of brand-new quests, dungeons and much more.

Along with new Dungeon Guide quests and Regional quests in this new update, players will be able to engage in brand-new Side Story quests which will incorporate and include Orfina, Delila Bendelak, Krista and Mokoro along with the addition of 15 Ancient Weapon quests.

Along with these new quests come the addition of two new areas in the form of ‘Black Disaster Under the Sand’ and ‘Rutus Mines – Depths of Corruption.’ Some changes have also been made to the game’s tutorials, including an update to the Dash tutorial and the addition of new tutorials including Path Guiding, Quest Tracking, Adjusting Camera Distance and more.

Most notably in terms of “quality of life” additions, players can now stack more materials, with normal materials going from a max number of 50 to 100 and special materials going from 10 to 20. Along with this, the player level for obtaining the Sealed Chest Key has been lowered from 20 to 17 and for the Abyssal Chest Key from 35 to 30.

Gameplay wise, combos have been made more accessible to players, with combos going from a 3 button move to only a 2 button move. There have also been various adjustments to Berserkers, Mages, Rangers, Priests and Crusaders

Minor changes have been made to varying areas of the game such as Guilds, Battlefields, items, NPCs, regions and monsters. There were also some minor bug fixes, all of which can be viewed in the Bless Unleashed patch notes.

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