Become A Game Developer With Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage

Nintendo has announced a new game for Nintendo Switch that gives you the tools to experiment in designing and creating your own videogames. Game Builder Garage received a trailer which showcases how it gives players the freedom to build their own style of play.

The trailer introduces Nodons, the colourful characters who enable you to access and manipulate the different design elements of videogames. By connecting the Stick Nodon to the Person Nodon, the player-turned-developer is able to walk a humanoid character around a platformer space.

Add a Button Nodon to connect to the jump action, along with some Object Nodons to leap over, and you’re away with your own game to challenge the likes of Mario. With it being as simple as connecting these unique creatures with their own personalities, players of any experience level can create the game they want to play.

To start with, you’ll be introduced to Lesson Mode, which provides guided lessons that will show you the basics of game programming. Following it step by step, the lessons can be taken at your own pace and have checkpoints in between for players to test their knowledge by finding solutions to small puzzles.

The game also features a Free Programming Mode where you can make your game ideas a reality. You are always one button away from diving into your game to test out your creation and see how it plays. Still needs some work? The same button takes you back to the workshop.

With dozens of Nodons at your disposal including Timers, Effects, and Textures, the possibilities seem endless. For fans of Nintendo, or anyone who has ever wanted a masterclass in game design from the creative minds at Nintendo, Game Builder Garage provides an unmissable chance.

Including side-scrolling platformers, kart racers, and space blasters, there a vast number of different games available. Nintendo seems to be building on the ethos established in their popular Super Mario Maker series, which put creativity into the hands of players wanting to create their own Super Mario levels.

In Game Builder Garage, you can share your creations with players around the world, as well as downloading your family and friends’ games. Once you’ve got hold of their game, go into Programming Mode to find out how they did it! By pulling back the curtain on your friends’ creations, you can learn new tricks and techniques to add to your arsenal.

While the game is supported on the Joy-Con controller, Switch Pro Controller, and Switch Lite, Nintendo has also announced that players will be able to use a compatible mouse by plugging one into the USB port on the Switch dock. This way, dedicated developers can create with the tool they are most comfortable with.

Dom Gross, General Manager at Nintendo of Canada said:

“For anyone who has always wanted to make their own video games, Game Builder Garage is the perfect place to start. Through the use of guided lessons and memorable Nodon characters, Game Builder Garage helps make creating video games just as much fun as playing them!”

Game Builder Garage launches June 11th, 2021 on Nintendo eShop and for $39.99. For more on the best new videogame releases, stay connected with Informed Pixel. What is your dream game you’ve always wanted to create? Let us know over at the Informed Pixel Facebook and Twitter pages. We’d love to hear from you!