Agents of Mayhem: Volition’s Next Game Has Potential

Announced during E3, Volition’s new title Agents of Mayhem shows a lot of potential and we got to play it.

Developed by the team who brought Saints Row to the consoles, Agents of Mayhem takes place in the same universe. That being said, the game is extremely laid back in comedy when compared to games like Saints Row 4, as it isn’t incredibly over the top and insane in the humor department.

In Agents of Mayhem, you select three out of the available twelve Mayhem agents to fight in a party with you. Consider these Mayhem agents to be the good guys, fighting against Legion, who plan on corrupting the world. While there are some comedic elements to Agents of Mayhem, such as an Idol K-Pop star using her cuteness and musical talents to power up her comrades, Volition wanted to make it clear that this game was not as over-the-top; anything goes experience that Saints Row was.

As I stated earlier, each character has their own set of abilities, an example of this would be Hardtack’s Harpoon gun, who can grab an enemy at range and bring them closer to you – A solid opportunity to finish him off with the shotgun. This ability pairs well with other characters in the game, which you can quickly switch between with a tap of a button. This made for a smooth transition when switching between characters and felt great chaining multiple characters abilities and choice of weapons together into a successful chain attack.

Really, that is where Agents of Mayhem has tons of potential. We have yet to see the other eight characters promised to appear when the game launches next year, but Volition can drag a crowd in by making characters who utilize each others abilities to take down a strong force. It feels good and I hope they listen to this feedback. The game itself is a blast to play. From what I can tell, the full product will be a fast-paced third person shooter, with heavy charm and feel-good executions. You can tell that the developers have learned from their experience with the Saints Row franchise, and it looks like they will use elements of the gameplay, such as the heavy explosions, to make the player feel good when they kill a tough enemy.

Agents of Mayhem is being prepared for release sometime in 2017.