30XX Is Coming Soon To Steam With A Level Editor

30XX Is Coming Soon To Steam With A Level Editor

30XX, the sequel to the Mega-Man inspired Rogue-Lite 20XX, is making it’s way on to Steam in February 2021. Developer Batterystaple Games have since replaced the “the year 30XX, probably” tease on the 30XX Steam page with the games release date.

When 30XX launches, there will be six themes available, ranging from futuristic jungles to sci-fi cathedrals and industrial zones. That’s not all, as the game will also be playable via co-op, so friends can join in on the Mega-Man inspired chaos.

To top this off, Batterystaple Games have also confirmed that the level editor for 30XX will also be available from day 1. Including a level editor is a nice touch which will no doubt add a tonne of stages from the obscene to the incredibly difficult.

Batterystaple Games have also premiered a new trailer to coincide with the release date revel. This new trailer dives into 30XX’s Arcade mode and the various abilities and levels available, as well as showcasing the new modes and the level editor.

What’s more interesting is that the trailer shows the Roguelike gameplay of 20XX returning, along with a new mode, featuring saves and static levels. This is a far cry from the gameplay of 20XX, which featured procedurally generated levels, move sets and abilities.

With a stunning Mega-Man inspired design, 30XX will no doubt appeal to players of the original game and Mega-Man enthusiasts alike. 30XX will be available via Steam Early Access on February 17th, 2021.

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