Xbox Series X – What To Expect From Next Gen

Xbox Series X – What To Expect From Next Gen

Information about the next generation is seeping out slowly; neither Microsoft nor Sony want to risk a disadvantage. Key info can and will be held until the most opportune time – unless it leaks first. But it needs to start somewhere and it appears that Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, is willing to kick it off.

Phil has laid out what Microsoft’s plans for their new console are. If you would like to read it in its entirety, you can do so here. Otherwise, below will be a quick summary of that piece, without too much jargon.

First, it will improve technically on all fronts, as one would expect. The GPU is twice as powerful as the Xbox One X (and 8 times as powerful as the Xbox One), and will have improved lighting (Raytracing) and higher frame rates/resolution.

For better immersion, they are utilizing faster load times and a Quick Resume feature that can suspend multiple games. Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) is also a priority, as it allows for more responsive movement. Finally, most people know about the Xbox Game Pass and Backwards Compatibility.

However, Microsoft has also announced something called Smart Delivery. This is a feature that will allow the player to play the best version of the game they purchased. In other words, buy a game for Xbox One, and if the developers allow it, you can play that same game on the newer console for no extra cost.

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