Xbox Series S & Series X Prices And Release Date Revealed

Xbox Series S & Series X Prices And Release Date Revealed

We all knew it was coming. The whispers turned into statements, the statements into leaks. If, at this point, you are still surprised by this announcement, good for you! At least someone has the ability to make the constant rumours and leaks redundant. But to the rest of us, the Xbox Series S was all but a forgone conclusion. Now, with a mere two months until the new consoles are said to release, Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S will be a discless version of the Xbox Series X. It will be slightly less powerful, but will keep many of the innovations Microsoft is touting for their new generation. For those tech-savvy consumers, the Series S will be about 60% smaller than the Series X; it will also include a high-speed 512 GB NVMe SSD, offering up to 1440p resolution at 120 FPS and 4K upscaling.

Beyond that, it will support DirectX ray tracing. So while it is certainly a step up from the Xbox One, it won’t feature top-of-the-line specs like the Xbox Series X. If you don’t have a 4K television, or don’t plan on buying one soon, this is probably the best version to get.

An Undercut Price

While Sony still hasn’t given a release date for either version of their console, we now know both of Microsoft’s. This was to be expected, as Sony probably wanted to ride the wave of good-will from last generation. But Microsoft, even going first, has made a ruckus.

The Xbox Series S will retail for $299 at release, making it easily the cheapest way to gain entry to the next console tier. The Xbox Series X will release for $499. Considering the state of many people’s finances this last 6 months, it’s a smart move. Better yet? Both consoles will release on November 10th, 2020.

The day draws near. If you intend to buy one, keep an eye out for pre-sales. There haven’t been rumours of any scarcity, created or natural (*ahem* Sony), so it shouldn’t be too hard. You should see pre-sales begin soon, now that Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S.

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