Xbox/Playstation Free Games For September 2018

Xbox/Playstation Free Games For September 2018

Microsoft and Sony have announced their membership specific free games for the month of September, 2018.

Playstation 4 owners will receive a total of six games this month, including Bungie’s vanilla version of Destiny 2. No downloadable content is included, but should make for a great addition to anyone’s library if they don’t already own it. Also included is Santa Monica Studios’ God of War III Remastered, a visual increase from the game’s original Playstation 3 release.

Xbox One owners can expect independent titles Prison Architect and Livelock free throughout the month of September, with the latter bleeding into October. Xbox 360 owners are treated to two great games, Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars & Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World throughout the month. Both of the Xbox 360 titles are, of course, backward compatible on the Xbox One, effectively doubling the offerings provided through the Games With Gold service.

For September, I have to lean on Sony’s side as they are offering two great AAA experiences for free throughout September. Not to knock Microsoft’s independent games, but God of War III Remastered is a great experience, especially if you are into the blood-spraying hack n’ slash that God of War encapsulates. Also, if you haven’t yet, Destiny 2 is worth the play through, even without the downloadable content.

All of these titles are available to anyone with a Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold Subscription for their respective platforms. Here is a breakdown of the titles:

Playstation 4 – Sept 1st through 30th
Destiny 2 
God of War III Remastered
Another World (Also for PS3/Vita)
QUBE (Also for PS3)
Sparkle 2 (Also for PS3/Vita)
Foul Play (Vita version included)

Xbox One
Prison Architect (September 1st through 30th)
Livelock (September 16th through October 15th)

Xbox 360
Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars (September 1st through September 15th)
Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World (September 16th through September 30th)

Is there anything you are personally excited for? Any title in this list that passed you by? Sound off in the comments below!