Xbox & PC Exclusive “Call of the Sea” launching late 2020

Xbox & PC Exclusive “Call of the Sea” launching late 2020

In the recent Inside Xbox wasn’t as successful as the company originally hoped that it would of been. However, not everything about the event was bad. We got to see what’s coming to the Xbox Series X and most of these games have turned out to be console exclusives to the Xbox brand.

One of the games that made its entrance at the presentation was Call of the SeaIt is planned to launch exclusively on the Xbox Series X, PC and Xbox One later on this year.

According to Tatiana Delgado, games Director and co-founder of Call of the Sea‘s development studio Out of the Blue, the title will be a “story-driven game that lets you take on the role of Norah, a woman who has crossed an ocean in a desperate search of her husband, who has gone missing on an expedition.

Call of the Sea is also supposedly heavily influenced by the works of H.P Lovecraft, however Tatiana Delgado was quick to point out that it won’t identify as a horror game. “Call of the Sea is not a horror game… But you might say that we are inspired by the way Lovecraft tells some of his stories.”  

Call of the Sea will also be launching on to the ever growing Game Pass service and will join the already wealthy selection of games available on the popular on-demand service.

Call of the Sea is in development and scheduled to release in 2020 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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