Xbox One S Potentially Leaked

Xbox One S Potentially Leaked

Thanks to several users on the forum NeoGAF a new iteration of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, was leaked, which is allegedly rumored to be shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference tomorrow morning.

Reports have come out that this new version of the Xbox One would be 40% smaller than the first generation Xbox One. The leaked images do indeed show a smaller console in white and some specs:


We’re not sure what the “streamlined controller” aspect of the image refers to as the controller looks identical to Xbox One controllers already available, however this does confirm the rumors of the new system being 4K output capable. To aid in the validity of this image, there is another picture that was leaked that shows off the vertical stand:


This would be the first time that the Xbox One is able to stand vertically as the original console was made to sit flat.

We are fast approaching Microsoft’s conference tomorrow morning and we are expecting them to discuss a new console. We will then see if these leaked images are real or not.