Xbox One S Gets Performance Boost In Some Games

Xbox One S Gets Performance Boost In Some Games

Some games will perform better on the Xbox One S thanks to it’s upgraded specifications.

According to Digital Foundry, the Xbox One has a GPU boost speed of 914MHz, from the 853MHz that the original Xbox One includes. As a result of an overclocked GPU, the Xbox One S boasts some performance upgrades for a variety of games such as Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This improvement was something that Microsoft did notice, however marketing it may have been a waste of time and resources as the upgrades are very minimal. Albert Penello, senior director of product management at Microsoft states:

“Some games (ones that utilize dynamic resolution and/or unlocked frame-rates) may see a very minor performance improvement. Our testing internally has shown this to be pretty minor, and is only measurable on certain games, so we didn’t want to make it a ‘selling point’ for the new console.”

At best, the Xbox One S gives consumers a 9 frames-per-second upgrade. While not significant, the Xbox One S can give a maximum of 20% better performance on some titles, but this feature shouldn’t be the reason you invest into another console. At it’s worst, it performs just like the original Xbox One.

The Xbox One S is currently available at retailers in 2TB, 1TB or 500GB variants.