Xbox Fanfest Returns For E3 2017

Xbox Fanfest Returns For E3 2017

The Xbox Fanfest is returning for E3 2017, promising to give gamers an opportunity to check out some of Microsoft’s latest games.

Those interested in securing a spot at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference this year will want to stay tuned to Microsoft’s social media pages. Starting on April 19th, Microsoft will release batches of Fanfest tickets to fans, which will grant access to the E3 Press Conference, a backpack full of swag, and hands-on demos of the Project Scorpio and some of the titles coming to console.

Here’s how it’ll work: 400 of the 500 tickets will be available first-come, first-serve starting this Wednesday, April 19. Tickets will be released in drops throughout the day, with the first drop starting at 6 AM PT. Stay glued to #XboxFanFest and @Xbox on Twitter for when those drops occur! Please note that you will need to have a credit card to hold the ticket. There is no charge to reserve a ticket but cancelation fees will apply. The remaining 100 tickets will be distributed through a variety of other promotions/giveaways. Follow #XboxFanFest on Twitter for when some of those promotions start.”

Last year, gamers were treated with a variety of goodies, including the Xbox Design Lab controllers we reviewed last year. You can read our full review coverage of those controllers here.

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference takes place on June 11th, 2017, at 2 PM PT.