Worms Rumble Announced With A Cool New Trailer

Worms Rumble Announced With A Cool New Trailer

If you’re a PlayStation 4 or PC player then you might want to get your controller or mouse and keyboard ready! Team17 have announced a crossplay open beta for Worms Rumble, an upcoming Worms game that is in fact a battle royale!

Based off the iconic Worms series, Worms Rumble is both different and far more intense than its predecessors, replacing the slow turned based combat with some truly free flowing chaotic scenes. The area-based combat features up to 32-players frantically fighting it out inside a dynamic map.

There are now some interesting new ways to bring a world of pain on unknowing opponents, well, worms. Choose to unleash the vast array of new weapons or go for more classic approach with the all too well-known Bazooka and Shotgun.

In addition, you can also customize your worms, or keep busy with the challenges and season events. Don’t fret, you can play solo or team up with a group of friends. Worm Rumble serves up two game-modes, deathmatch and ‘Last Worm Standing’ – the latter essentially being Team17’s version of battle royale for the Worm series!

If what you see tickles your interest, then you have a chance to experience the chaotic scenes yourself with the Worm Rumble open beta this very weekend! The beta starts November 6th, 2020 and finishes November 8th, 2020.

The beta will be available on PC via Steam and on the PlayStation 4. The full game releases December 1st, 2020 on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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