World War Z Game of The Year Edition Out Now

World War Z Game of The Year Edition Out Now

World War Z, the biggest co-op zombie shooter game since Left 4 Dead 2 is back, this time with a Game of The Year edition re-release!

Saber Interactive released a brand new trailer for the new edition of the 2019 smash hit game World War Z. It shows off the massive and highly detailed game and with an incredibly energetic song called Bang Bang Bang by Herd Blasters.

The trailer features the beautifully detailed Marseille France in complete decay. The city is now populated by thousands of highly detailed zombies, in addition to weapons such as a flamethrower, mortars and machine guns. In terms of sound design it is just as strong as the character and weapon designs.

Visually the game looks amazing and shows many areas that the player will be able to murder zombies. These areas range from ship ports, to the streets of Marseille, which have been covered in graffiti and roadblocks. Other areas include the mountains, which also sports a train tunnel that zombies possibly spawn from.

We also got a look at the four new characters that are the last of humanity, as they fight together for survival to wipe out the zombie infestation. The trailer also announced some game modes for World War Z.

The first gamemode being PvE, an Endless Horde Mode which might feature a highscore mechanic, or be a time based survive mode. It also includes three new story episodes which can be played with friends. The game will also include 17 new missions to play and complete with friends, along with all previously released Downloadable content that has released since the original game launched.

The game is now available for purchase for $45 or £45 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Store. Saber Interactive’s CEO Matt Karch has also confirmed that there will also be a Nintendo Switch release later down the line (release date has yet to be confirmed).

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