Wii U Passes 10 Million Sales

Wii U Passes 10 Million Sales

The Wii U platform has reached 10 million lifetime sales, as revealed by Nintendo’s first quarter financial report, but has fallen as compared to last year’s numbers.

It elaborates showing that the company has sold 470,000 units for the first fiscal quarter this year, which is a huge number, but is less than the 510,000 from the same period last year. Detailing the sales of major regions, Japan sold 150,000 units compared to 60,000 last year, while the United States has sold 190,000 from 280,000. In other regions, the total sales went from 170,000 to 130,000.

As impressive as reaching 10 million total sales is, the PlayStation 4 has surpassed 25 million lifetime sales while being available on the market for one year less than the Wii U. Also, the fact that sales for Nintendo’s console is starting to taper off even with strong titles to back it up, such as Splatoon which has sold 1.62 million copies since its launch late May, is┬áreason for concern.

If Nintendo can reveal games that will boost attention to the Wii U, like the new Legend of Zelda game, sales will definitely pick up because as we know, software drives hardware. Hopefully with the announcement of their new platform,┬ácodenamed ‘NX’, Nintendo hasn’t slammed the final nail in the Wii U coffin, as consumers may just wait for its release. The Wii U is a fantastic system that has given us countless hours of gameplay and fun; we would hate to see it die off so soon.

What do you think about Nintendo’s financial report? Does this prove positive for the Wii U’s future or is it doomed to fail and collect dust with the Virtual Boy? Let us know below!

Source: IGN.com