Why Shouldn’t You Start New Abilities in Path of Exile?

Why Shouldn’t You Start New Abilities in Path of Exile?

Path of Exile brings new abilities into the game pretty often and a lot of the times these abilities are complete busts until the next major update. Sometimes these abilities are absolutely insane (like the original Winter Orb before it’s nerfed.) Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t start a new ability at the start of a new league.

Lack of Experience
This particularly refers to the lack of players who have experience with the ability. A lot of the time players call the ability “bad” without going into much further depth with the ability. Obviously almost no one has actually played with the ability enough to tell other players whether it’s good or bad, but it’s better to start with an ability you know will work and get you far enough into the game without having to re-roll your build.

Unknown Mechanics
When a new ability comes out, you’ll likely not know the exact mechanics around that particular ability. When these new mechanics are introduced, sometimes they are severely bugged. (ex: Blazing Salvo upon release did not scale with projectile damage increases/decreases)

Some of the mechanics to the abilities look good on paper, but may be bad in actual gameplay. As an example; a lot of players started with Crackling Lance in Heist League, but found out it is too clunky in comparison to just using Arc because its intensity stacks are rather weak and take too long to achieve maximum stacks.

Support Gem Bugs
While playing you may notice that some gems just don’t work properly when paired with the new skill even after seeing it has been labelled with “Projectile” or “AoE.” These problems usually get patched within the first day or two, but that’s an entire day that you could have been playing at maximum efficiency and making tons of currency for Path of Exile before the re-rolling of builds starts.

The Gem is Just Bad
A lot of the times the new gems are just plain out bad. There is no way to build them to where they deal enough damage to clear all content. A lot of the recently released “Steel” skills were just plain out bad. It didn’t matter how you built the skill; it just didn’t do enough damage to get past certain parts of the game; especially mapping where it matters the most.

Sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know rather than diving into an ability that may or may not work out. Usually within the first day you’ll see others writing about the ability and what they think about it or streamers doing the same. If you enjoy it regardless, by all means, go play to your heart’s content with that skill. It may take you longer to scale your damage, but if you’re having fun that’s all that matters.