Where Is Xur? Week 83

Where Is Xur? Week 83

Welcome back, Guardians. Xur is back at the tower with his sublime stock of rare exotic weapons and gear. This is his last week before the Spring Update that will introduce more exotics into the pool. Xur is located on the left wing of the tower next to the balcony over looking the view. (see picture)


Details are as follows:

Crest Of Alpha Lupi – Titan chest – 13 Strange coin

Don’t Touch Me – Hunter gauntlets – 13 Strange coin

The Impossible Machines – 13 Strange coin

Exotic Chest Engram – 19 Strange coin

Legacy Engram – 31 Strange coin

This week is actually pretty decent. The fast res Crest Of Alpha Lupi is a staple in competitive play, although it won’t be as useful in the near future with the Spring Update.  The Impossible Machines are also an Arc Warlock staple giving the user LandFall for free. Don’t Touch Me gauntlets are probably the least useful out of this weeks lot but it’s still fun to use. It allows the user to turn invisible when hit with melee damage. Lastly we have an Exotic Engram. The Spring Update is right around the corner, so it’s a good idea to stock up on engrams both legendary and exotic so that you can get a chance at the newly updated loot when it’s introduced.

Thanks for popping by. Be sure to check back in when the Spring Update hits. We’ll be going over all the details and updates to keep you informed.