Where Is Xur? Week #81

Welcome back, Guardians. Xur is back again at the tower for the weekend, bringing more exotics that we all probably already have. Nevertheless we are going to go over all the details. This week he is located on the left wing of the tower right in front of the blast doors. (see picture)


Exotics are as follows:

The Taikonaut – Titan Helm – 13 Strange coin

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps – Hunter Gauntlets – 13 Strange coin

Apotheosis Veil – Warlock Helm – 13 Strange coin

Exotic Gauntlet Engram – 19 Strange coin

Legacy Engram – 31 Strange coin

This week does not have any armor or weapons to write home about. If you are a Nightstalker Hunter, the Ahamkara Grasps might be useful for an extra smoke grenade but the Graviton Forfeit is far too good of an exotic to give up your slot. Other than stocking up on 3 Of Coins, I recommend getting a few exotic gauntlet engrams and hold onto them, for the new April update is right around the corner and with that a slew of new exotics to collect. Be sure to check back next week, and hopefully Xur will have more interesting things for us to talk about.