Where Is Xur? Week #80

Where Is Xur? Week #80

Welcome back, Guardians. Xur is back at the tower with a decent stock of exotic weapons and armor. He’ll be located in the right wing of the tower, right after entering the hanger. He’ll be on the right.

Xur's just over here.

Xur’s just over here.

This week’s details are as follows:

Empyrean Bellicose – Titan Helm – 13 Strange coin

Crest Of Alpha Lupi – Hunter Chest – 13 Strange coin

Alchemist’s Raiment – Warlock Chest – 13 Strange coin

Invective – Exotic shotgun – 17 Strange coin

Legacy Engram – 31 Strange coin

Xur has a pretty decent stock this week. The only piece of armor not commonly utilized is the Alchemist’s Raiment. This piece of gear is beyond useless. Its perks include a chance to grant glimmer on primary ammo pick ups, and orbs recharging grenade and melee weapons when your super meter is full. If you want glimmer use ether seeds and the orb pickup option is useless once your super meter is already full

The first bit of good armor is the Empyrean Bellicose. Some dismiss this helm as a gimmick but if you take time to learn it’s utility you can be a deadly sniper. You can also pair this with Titan skating. With its main perk of hovering in air while aiming down sights, you can slide on your x and y axis for those skilled drag shots.

Next is one of the Trials Of Osiris staples the Crest Of Alph Lupi. This chest allows for quick revives and grants more orbs on kills. This can also be utilized in strikes or raids to better produce orbs for your allies.

Last we have one of my personal favorite shotguns. The Invective has been a staple since year one. Its primary perk is that it regenerates ammo over time and can be fired in full auto. It has a tube of 4 shells so its not the best in the game, but that serves to make it more balanced. It does not have near the range of Party Crasher or Conspiracy Theory D but will still be just as lethal due to never having to worry about shotgun ammo.