Where Is Xur? Week #78

Where Is Xur? Week #78

Another week, another update to Xur in Destiny, lets get into all the details. Xur will be located on the left wing of the tower, near the Speaker off by the balcony.


This week, Xur is selling the following:

  • Mk.44 Stand Asides – Titan Legs – 13 Strange coins
  • Graviton Forefeit – Hunter Helmet – 13 Strange coins
  • Nothing Manacles – Warlock Gauntlets – 13 Strange coins
  • Hawkmoon – Hand cannon – 23 Strange coins
  • Exotic year 1 – Primary Weapon – 31 Strange coins

This has been the best occurrence of Xur in the past 2 months with the exception of the Mk.44 Stand Asides. This item allow Titans to have an extended shoulder charge and a tighter turn radius. I have yet to see these successfully utilized in PVP. When you have other exotics like Armementarium or Twilight Garrison in the game, the choice to over look these is easy.

A staple of the Nightstalker is the shadestep. It is universally utilized both in PVP and PVE. The ability to dodge enemy melee attacks or tracking projectiles is unparalleled. It is also the only real Nightstalker Exotic available but even if there was competition it would still be a go to choice.

Next, we have the Nothing Manacles. Voidwalkers are somewhat unpopular at the moment, mostly because of their abilities (or lack there of) in PVP but are still loved by die hard fans of the class. These gauntlets allow your scatter grenades to track enemies as well as giving you an additional grenade slot. These have been recently ‘nerfed’ due to their over effectiveness in the crucible. As long as you are accurate with your throws these can still be devastating for your enemies.

Last we have the Exotic Hand Cannon, the Hawkmoon. Previously a Playstation exclusive item, the hand cannon is now available to all players, regardless of platform. It has a couple perks that allows it to have not one, not 2 but 3 bullets to deliver additional damage to enemies. If have yet to receive the Thorn hand cannon, this may be your only chance for a while. The year 1 exotic engram gives you the chance to unlock it but at a high cost.

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