Where is Xur? Week #74

Where is Xur? Week #74

Welcome back Guardians! The predictable Xur is back at the tower for the weekend with his regular slew of exotics. At this point in time, you probably already have the exotics you need but we are going to delve into them anyways. Xur is hiding on the Speaker side of the tower, standing near the railing enjoying the view.

Immolation Fists – Titan Gauntlets – 13 Strange coins

Radiant Dance Machines – Hunter Legs – 13 Strange coins

The Stag – Warlock Helm – 13 Strange coins

Suros Regime – Exotic Auto Rifle – 23 Strange coins

Legacy Engram – 31 Strange coins

Immolation fists are still the go to exotic for Solar Titans, but due to their recent nerf, they aren’t as popular as they once were. Radiant Dance machines are fairly popular in PVP, as their effect is that you have increased movement speed while aiming down sights. I’ve tried these out and haven’t really noticed that much of a difference. They will never replace my exotic gauntlets for the exotic slot but they may be worth trying depending on your play style. The stag helm has been talked about a few times before and it is becoming less and less relevant as the game evolves. Not really worth talking about again.  Neat looking but not worth the exotic slot. Last we have the Suros Regime. This is a really fun gun to use. It was a force to be recon with in year one. Its main effect is that is fires slower and harder when aiming down sights. This allows you to really hone in your shots for the crucial head shots.