Destiny: Where Is Xur? – July 22nd

Destiny: Where Is Xur? – July 22nd

Welcome back to the Tower, Guardians, where Xur Agent Of The Nine blesses us with his presence and gives us the chance for more exotic loot.

This week, Xur actually has decent loot for all 3 classes. At this point in the game, you should have all the exotic weapons and armor out there, but it is nice to get them with new rolls that compliment their stats and abilities. He will be located right as you enter the ship hangar on the right wing of the tower.


Xur is selling the following:

No Backup Plans – Titan gauntlets – 13 Strange coins

Radiant Dance Machines – Hunter legs – 13 Strange coins

The Impossible Machines – Warlock gauntlets – 13 Strange coins

Dragon’s Breath – Rocket launcher – 17 Strange coins

Primary legacy exotic engram – 31 Strange coins


The No Backup Plans are a very fun and useful exotic when used correctly. It allows your Titan to gain an overshield when getting a kill with a shotgun. Of course this does tie into the cool down of your melee attack to prevent spamming. With the overshield activating upon a shotgun kill, this will make you resilient to more attacks for a short time. If you pair this ability with the Defender Titan bubble shield, you can easily hold a capture point by yourself.

Radiant Dance Machines can be a nuisance to fight against. It allows the user to move more quickly while aiming down sights or ADS. It is quite popular to pair this with the Mida Multi-Tool scout rifle , which also has a perk that gives you a higher movement speed. If you find yourself fighting against this combo and missing every shot, you might want to disengage and change your tactics.

The last piece of exotic armor we have is the Warlock’s Impossible Machines. These are by far one of my favorite Warlock exotics. It allows the Storm-caller Warlock to gain the landfall ability. Landfall is used when activating the storm trance super ability. When you hover over multiple opponents, you activate storm trance and it sends a burst of lightning bolts beneath you and radiates out. It is a great way to clear rooms almost instantly. They also have a very unique look to them, if you are more into crafting a certain look for your Guardian.

The Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher is more of a novelty or gimmick than a usable weapon. It fires a napalm canister that you can trigger in air burst mode with the release of your trigger finger. It then covers the ground with a blanket of flames. The problem with this is that your enemy can easily flee the flames upon the ground before they have taken serious damage. The look is inspired by World War II fighter planes, so it gets points for its unique design, but like I stated earlier, it’s mostly just for fun.

Be sure to check back next week for more exotics from Xur. Hopefully the current content of Destiny can continue to keep us fans satisfied until the Rise Of Iron expansion releases this September 20th for $29.99 USD. Take care, Guardians.