Destiny: Where Is Xur? August 26th

Destiny: Where Is Xur? August 26th

Another week, another chance to receive some sweet exotic loot for our ever-expanding collection. Xur will be located on the left wing of the tower by the blast doors – near the balcony.

This week is pretty good for all classes because Xur is selling the following:

  • Empyrean Bellicose – Titan helm – 13 Strange coins
  • Graviton Forfeit – Hunter Helm – 13 Strange coins
  • Nothing Manacles – Warlock gauntlets – 13 Strange coins
  • Universal Remote – Exotic shotgun – 23 Strange coins
  • Legacy Engram – 29 Strange coins

The least used of the lot, but still effective is the Empyrean Bellicose. This helm allows the user to hold their position mid-air while aiming down sights (ADS). Snipers have used this quite effectively paired with Titan skating, which is when the user will dash close to the ground, ADS, then shoot with their sniper. Since the sniper’s aim assist gives favor to “drag shots”, this method is optimized for high aim assist snipers.

Next, we have the “go to” exotic for Void Hunters. Graviton Forfeit grants the user “Shade Step” for free. Shade Step allows the user to roll in any direction while disappearing for a split second. This also makes it so the user can cancel out tracking on rockets or Axion Bolts. This helm has been nerfed recently, though. You now have a cooldown timer so that you cannot spam the perk.

Another “go to” exotic for the Void Warlock is the Nothing Manacles. These gauntlets allow you to add tracking to your scatter grenades, as well as an additional charge in your grenade slot. Scatter grenades cover a large area and can easily kill an enemy with a few to most of the grenade tracking shrapnel.

Lastly, we have the bane of some players’ existence: the Universal Remote. Tired of sliding shotgunners? Us too. Now let’s give those players a shotgun in the primary slot so that they have even more ammo. This primary shotgun used to be much worse in year one of Destiny when it first came out. I still see it every other match or so, but not 3 out of 6 players every match like we used to. Even if you despise this gun being used against you, It’s still one for the collection.

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Destiny: Rise Of Iron is to be released September 20th.