What is ‘Scorn’?

What is ‘Scorn’?

After years of silence, Scorn has re-emerged at last week’s Inside Xbox with a new unsettling reveal trailer. Taking many by surprise, the trailer sent shivers down the spines of many viewers as a disturbing world was revealed before them. From the grotesque but recognizable visual art-style to the dark and sexual themes, the trailer left many viewers wondering; What is Scorn?

Scorn is an upcoming atmospheric first-person horror game being developed by Ebb Software. It was originally announced in November 2014 with a trailer containing pre-alpha footage and failed kick-starter shortly after. In 2017, new gameplay was shown off with an updated kick-starter, but little to nothing has been seen or heard on development until now.

A Grotesque New World…

At first glance, Scorn looks like it could be a new entry into the popular Alien franchise. As such, the disturbing gothic-biomechanical art-style has been inspired by the works of H.R. Giger, who created the infamous Xenomorph from Alien. Scorn stands out from its inspiration as disgustingly unique, described by Ebb Software as a nightmarish universe of odd forms and sombre tapestry.

The player is thrown into of a grotesquely dream like world. They must find their way through a non-linear labyrinth with different interconnected regions which are infested with disgusting creatures. Everything in the world has a purpose, and players will have to pay attention to figure out puzzles in order to progress. The environment becomes more of a character as it is further explored.

Aware & Organic Gameplay

Scorn is designed to be incredibly immersive and realistic, from combat down to the character’s body movement. The playable character grabs weapons and other items with their hands and the camera movement will sway more depending the movement speed. They will also physically operate certain puzzles, instruments and machines in order to progress forward.

Scorn’s core gameplay consist of exploration, shooting and managing scarce inventory & ammo. As players explore, they will need to decide engage their enemies, or run – as their actions will have an affect on the world around them. As the player progresses through the game they will unlock new skill sets, better weapons and a variety of different items to work with.

While more detailed information is limited, the 2017 gameplay reveal suggests what to expect from Scorn.

Scorn is confirmed to be releasing on Steam and the Xbox Series X as a console exclusive, and has no release date yet. Visit the official Scorn website, Twitter, and Steam page to stay up to date with news and announcements. Follow Summer Game Fest website and Twitter feed as well, as more Scorn information may be released through their summer events.

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